Q.E.D. (Quite Easily Done) Comics is an award-winning comic strip about the struggles and adventures of being an undergraduate student. Since its debut in Fall 2013, strips are published twice a week in The Tech, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's oldest and largest newspaper.

Q.E.D. comics have been used in academic settings, such as course websites for philosophy seminars and lecture slides for computer programming courses. If you want to include a comic strip in your website or slides, drop me a line with the "contact" button above.

college, procrastination, science, coffee, Pokemon, fox sounds

Erika Trent, who feels oddly authoritative speaking of herself in the third person, is a senior at MIT who maintains her sanity by poking fun at the everyday struggles of students including herself. She doodles also for procrastinatory purposes (proven to be extremely effective thus far). She dreams of a future in which she can somehow mash together her fields of study—Brain & Cognitive Science, Psychology, and Music.

Reader Comments:
Below are a subset of comments I've received. Thanks for reading, and for writing in!

"Your comics are so humorously insightful (was going to say funny but it's overused), and most of all down-to-earth. I should say you can make really EXCELLENT observations and present them SUPER creatively!! Your content captures what students do, feel, and think everyday. And I’m a university student too that's why I love reading your works!" - Undergrad from Minnesota

"All of your comics are so smart, and so relevant! I can identify with all of them, which makes them super special!" - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Undergrad at MIT

"This is the most accurate thing. I can't even." - Brain and Cognitive Science Undergrad at MIT

"I thoroughly enjoy these comics and get excited when I see a new one!" - Mechanical Engineering Undergrad at MIT

"These are so true! I have tears in my eyes!" - Biological Engineering Undergrad at MIT

"I pick up The Tech every week just to read your comic." - Chemical Engineering Undergrad at MIT


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